Commercial Property to Let

Browse the range of commercial property to let available from Savoy Stewart. We have been helping businesses find commercial properties to rent for years and have been established since 1990. View some of our properties below or speak to one of our experts now.

Why Choose Savoy Stewart for your Commercial Property Renting Needs?

Extensive knowledge in commercial property matters, as well as an extensive portfolio. Both of these place Savoy Stewart in an outstanding position when it comes to letting commercial property.

Our ample experience in dealing with all matters to do with business property makes us one of the best commercial estate agents in the UK. Whether you need to rent or let commercial property, our multi-disciplined team of estate agents, valuers, commercial surveyors and property consultants can offer you the best advice and the most thorough services.

We always put the client’s needs first and provide guidance as to whether or not a property is appropriate for their purposes. This allows our clients to make appropriate decisions, based on our insider knowledge of possible pitfalls and their short or long-term business goals.

How We Can Help Those Looking for Commercial Property to Let

Whether you’re a landlord looking to find tenants, or a company wanting to rent commercial property in London, our experienced team of agents and consultants can make your search hassle-free and less stressful.

Our team of experts will assist you with your commercial property search, along with rent reviews and lease renewals. Our catalogue of listings will surely contain the ideal property for you.

We will guide you through the entire letting or renting process so that you understand your responsibilities towards either your tenants or landlord.

Commercial Property Renting and Letting Rates:

The fees we charge vary depending on each individual’s specific needs. We do apply a standard fee rate for both buying and letting commercial property. You can provide us with information on your current needs in order to get a personalised quote; contact us by phone, email, or through the contact form on our website.

What Should you Look out for When Renting a Commercial Property?

The central question that needs to be posed when determining which property to rent is whether or not the facilities provided by the building are an appropriate fit for your business, both at the moment and in the future. This is especially important for those looking for specialist commercial properties to let, such as F1/D1 property.

We conduct checks in order to determine whether the person or entity you are letting from is in fact the owner of the premises (according to the Landlord & Tennant Act 1954). We also aim to understand what your security needs are, so that we may take this important factor into consideration when finding the right property for you. If your business relies on expensive hardware, as most do these days, we will make sure that appropriate security measures are in place.

Another obvious point, which we should cover nonetheless, relates to the obligations, financial or otherwise, of each party involved. We help you become aware of your responsibilities and guide you through every step of the letting process in order to make sure that you’re getting the deal you have been looking for.

What Happens After the Commercial Property Lease Ends?

If your lease falls under the jurisdiction of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, you are entitled to stay on after the tenancy comes to an end. As a matter of legal principle, a new lease is granted under the same terms (except for rent, which can be renegotiated).

However, leases which fall outside the scope of the 1954 Act do not guarantee the granting of a new lease under the same terms. In this case, the landlord and tenant must agree on new terms for the lease.

If your business requires flexibility in terms of length of lease, we will advise as to what clauses should be added to the lease agreement and will even negotiate break clauses or rights to sub-let on your behalf.

Who is Responsible for Repairs in a Commercial Property Lease?

This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis but generally tenants are responsible for not allowing the property to fall into disrepair and insuring it (as long as they are leasing the entire property and not just part or parts of it). Before moving into the property, we recommend conducting a survey and preparing a Schedule of Condition. This will ensure that you won’t be responsible for any damage to the property which occurred before the commencement of the lease.

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