Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger

Oct 7 2016

Darren Best

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks on how to make a small office look bigger: 

1.    Choose and arrange the office furniture wisely. 

If you want to make the most out of the space available, it is pivotal to be very careful when choosing and arranging the office furniture. It’s of utmost importance for it to be comfortable and functional but it’s just as important for it not to take up too much space. If you can’t find the right size furniture, consider having it custom made. Every inch matters when you’re tight on space. 


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2.    Take advantage of vertical space for storage.   

When choosing storage units and cabinets, think vertically. Up to the ceiling if necessary. In addition to helping you keep the office tidy and organised, storage units and cabinets that extend to the ceiling will also help you keep the office clear as they can accommodate more documents and other office materials than the conventional office storage solutions. And by doing so, they will create the illusion of larger space. 

3.    Sign up for cloud storage. 

You don’t need to keep all the files in a paper form. Instead, you can keep them in the cloud – just as securely and easily available, if not even more so. More importantly, by reducing the amount of paper files, you will also reduce the need for storage units and cabinets. And by doing so, you will get more space for other office essentials or simply keep it clear and make your office look bigger. 


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4.    Organise those cables. 

By organising those cables or better yet, choose wireless solutions wherever and whenever possible, your office will look neater, tidier and more organised. At the same time, it will also look bigger. This is because cables tend to create a cramped feeling, especially if running loose across the office. What is more, poorly organised cables pose a serious safety hazard. 

5.    Paint the office in a bright colour. 

Painting the office in a bright colour such as white, beige, light green or yellow is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create the illusion of larger space.  Also, most people tend to perceive bright colours as positive, energising and motivating. 


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6.    Ensure that there is plenty of light – either natural or artificial. 

Poor light has a very similar effect as dark colours – it makes a small space appear even smaller. If you want your office to look bigger, you should therefore ensure that there is plenty of light – either natural or artificial. If installing additional lighting, however, be sure to choose ceiling and wall lights. While floor lamps can look very decorative, they also take up space which is something you don’t want if your office space is limited. 

7.    Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and light. 

You would be surprised to see the effect a simple thing as a mirror can make. Besides creating the illusion of space, a mirror also makes the room brighter by reflecting light. In addition, mirrors also tend to be very decorative. But it’s crucial to select the right size mirror and install it on the right location. 

8.    Go minimalist with decoration. 

It’s highly desirable to make your office look as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible. But if you’re tight on space, you should go easy on decoration to avoid making the office feel cramped and consequently, look even smaller than it is. Keep only a few decorative items just to liven up the space.  


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9.    Keep the floor clear. 

It is integral to keep the office floor clear of unnecessary items. You are therefore recommended to keep the floor clear by providing enough storage space for office materials and employees’ belongings. Make sure you hide the cables under the floor and remove the carpet(s) and try to find space for things that don’t belong on the floor. 

10.    Keep the clutter at bay. 

Get rid of things you don’t need. Immediately! Also, keep the office materials in their place – ideally out of sight. And urge your employees to do the same. By keeping the clutter at bay, your office will not only look more organised and appealing but it will also appear more spacious. 


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