What Does Your Office Coffee Say About You?

Jun 9 2016

Darren Best

After water, coffee is the most drunk beverage in the world - and despite the UK's penchant for tea, coffee has overtaken the traditional brew as the most drunk beverage at the office. According to recent research, the average British office worker drinks 3 cups of coffee over the course of the working day. However, It is 2016 and coffee is no longer the simple breakfast beverage it once was. Go into any coffee selling establishment and ask for a ‘coffee’ – the barrister will look at you like you just suggested skinning a baby with a latte spoon. Coffee comes in many shapes and sizes – it answers to a whole host of different names and most importantly, coffee says something about your personality. In any office there are a huge amount of different personalities, and hence a huge amount of different beverages on the coffee-run list… So what does your coffee choice say about you as a worker?


Basically as close to a builder’s instant as you’re ever going to get (you’ll probably get this by default if you order ‘a coffee please’.) Americano lovers are generally easily pleased with a happy go-lucky attitude; they don’t like drama and are happiest when doing the simple things in life. As colleagues they are friendly to everyone and don’t tend to get involved in office gossip.


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A latte is the drink of choice for those who don’t really like the taste of coffee but need something to sip on during morning meetings. Latte drinkers are often creative and spontaneous – in the office they’re usually the ones who come up with the wackiest ideas. The high calorie count of a latte only serves to back up the fact that latte drinkers are care-free and indulgent.

Matcha Latte

If you drink a Matcha Latte, you’re obviously the health conscious type. Matcha Latte drinkers tend to be fit and sporty and therefore have a competitive side which comes out in their work life as well as their personal life. This makes them hard workers but sometimes difficult to get on with as they tend to keep themselves to themselves and prefer working alone as opposed to working as part of a team.


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Those that go for an expresso shot are often associated with high energy and excitement – however this could not be further from the truth. Expresso drinkers are often the strong, silent type and are extremely hard workers. They are often intelligent and diligent paying great attention to detail. They also work well to deadlines and can’t relax until the job in hand is completed to a high standard.


Mocha drinkers are fun-loving and creative – hence their desire for coffee with a twist (chocolate). They never do anything half-heartedly, and complete all work to a high standard, however their zest for life means they don’t stay late or come in early if they can help it…


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Cappuccino drinkers tend to be warm hearted and hence popular around the office. They are always willing to help a stressed out co-worker and rarely lose their cool. They also have an assertive and outspoken side and hence do well in team management roles. They also excel in leading meetings.

Anything with Alternative Milk

Those who like soy/almond/rice (the possibilities are endless) milk in their coffee over the traditional type tend to be quirky, hip and quite stylish. They are open minded and hence great at research projects and thinking outside of the box. They aren’t the best at sticking to deadlines, but when they put their mind to a project/presentation there’s no doubt they will have put their heart and soul into it – and it will show.

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