11 Corporate Personalities You Are Guaranteed To Meet

Apr 28 2016

Darren Best

When working in an office, certain personality types seem to surface in the workforce whether you are part of a smaller company or a larger conglomerate. A business always needs a good mix of personalities to be successful.

The Workaholic

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This person never seems to fear being overloaded with work. They lead by example and work tirelessly however, always seem to have more to do. The workaholic stays long after the specified work hours and is often at the office before everyone else arrives. This person usually lives on coffee and has an array of post-it notes. Some wonder if they actually sleep at the office.  

 Always on holiday

You’ve heard of this person, and they’re on the office system, but all you actually know of their existence is hearsay. Their office chair is always unoccupied, but for some paperwork for them to sort on their return. ‘Out of office’ is their default email response.

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The ‘Go to guy’ or ‘Golden girl’

This person has the job down to a fine art. They are a pro at multitasking, so everything appears to be organised and nothing much appears to phase them. Not only this but, the golden guy or girl appears to have the ability to fix any problem you may have with your computer or the job in general. Their genuine smile and effortless charm means they are everybody’s favourite. Smartly presented, and with a gentle humour, you wish you could actually be this person. Oh, and they bring office treats every now and again, just to be nice.  

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The Comedian

This individual is daring and an absolute character. They know just how far to push their luck and offer a light relief to stressful days. They are often creative and have an abundance of anecdotes to share over coffee. The bosses have a love-hate relationship with this person. Everyone misses them if ever they are absent.

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The Nice Boss

Everybody wants to try hard and achieve for this character. The nice boss leads by example in terms of work, but trusts their workforce to carry out their responsibilities without breathing down their neck. Benefits such as letting their workforce leave slightly early on some days, providing snacks and offering pay rises contributes to staff morale and loyalty.

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The Hard Task-Master

The hard task-master can be a boss or a member of senior management. They lead by example, but their expectations of themselves and their heavy workload can make it almost impossible for anyone else to meet their high standards. They seem to be perpetually stressed, tired and appear to have failed to keep a healthy work-life balance. Their performance at work is exemplary though - admirable even. However, diplomacy is not one of their core strengths.  

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The Maverick

The Maverick is an old hand at the job. Often part of senior management; this person makes work more tolerable. As a people person, they and keen to support their team in any way that they can. The quirks of the job are well known to them and they complete all that is asked of them whilst maintaining a relaxed disposition. Characteristically, this person loves to wear colourful socks or a fun tie and tends to be senior in age. The Maverick is not afraid to challenge others, in a constructive manner, if there appears to be a better way in which the job can be done.  

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The Graduate

The graduate is often fresh-faced and full of new and creative ideas. They often contribute to the life-blood of the company and are typically gifted in terms of technology. They are keen to progress in their career meaning a good work ethic. The graduate is usually willing to put in extra hours in return for monetary rewards. They are keen to travel the world and may have a tendency to view job roles above theirs as less complex than they actually are. The graduate is very confident with most areas of their work but lacks experience and confidence in others.

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 The Intern

The Intern is often massively over-skilled in relation to the jobs that are often asked of them. They are keen to learn, but can be unsure as to where they would fit in with the company and do not wish to over-step the line for fear of not being ‘polite’.   

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The Creative

Graphic designers often add the colour to the company – quite literally! They are charismatic individuals and are perfectionists when it comes to their work. In their eyes, as an artist, their work is never finished. Consequently, they can become relatively frustrated with their creation however, this frustration is rarely taken out on others, who incidentally think that the graphic designer’s work looks great the way it stands.  

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The IT Technician

This member of the team is always in high demand. If nothing else was asked of them, their existing workload would likely see them into the next year. The most complex of problems to you are mind-numbingly simple to them however, they never voice this and always appear to have a sunny disposition.

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