World Book Day: Seven Books To Boost Your Knowledge On All Things Property

Feb 28 2017

Darren Best

With March 2nd being World Book Day, we decided to celebrate it by compiling a list of books that could prove valuable to those in property. From those just looking to break into property investment, to those who have been in the industry for years, these books will help broaden your knowledge and open your mind to ways in which you can increase your successes.

1. Property Investment for Beginners: A Property Geek guide
The self-confessed Property Geek, Rob Dix introduces you to the basics of property investment. Rob claims to understand the difficulties of becoming successful in the Property Investment industry, describing it like learning French through reading Le Monde. This takes you back to basics, comparatively teaching the basic grammar and vocab, before throwing you in the deep end. Rob aims to provide beginners with an insight into the psychology of property investment in an enjoyable manner.
2. Buy Low Rent High: How anyone can be financially free in the next 12 months by investing in property
Samuel Leeds challenges the norm in this non-conventional book, approaching property investment with alternative methods. Released at the beginning of 2017, this guide aims to permit anyone to invest in property, regardless of how much or little money they may have. Buy Low Rent High, exposes an approach that helps many looking to invest and cash in on the current property market.
3. Commercial Property 2017
This book delivers a full introduction to multiple areas of Commercial Property to law students. Divided into three sections, it deals with current legislation and issues related to multiple aspects of Property Law. From planning permission to obligation of terminating a lease, Commercial Property 2017 highlights the most up to date legislation's, and is a must for those practicing Commercial Property in relation to law.
4. The Complete Guide to Property Investment: How to survive & thrive in the new world of buy-to-let
Another read from the Property Geek author of "Property Investment for Beginners", The Complete Guide to Property Investments allows for a more detailed understanding and practical guide to the current property climate. Starting from current real life situations, it takes readers step by step, through routes and strategies that will enable them to achieve their goals. Through this comprehensive guide, it is an informative read for both beginners and professionals looking to expand their knowledge on current market strategy.
5. How to Save Property Tax 2016/17
How to Save Property Tax 2016/17 is broadly observed as a must for property investors. The 2016/17 edition is precisely current, with an in depth commentary of tax laws in the interest of landlords. This book also offers advice and guides on ways to save in a plethora of areas concerning property based tax. It is recommended to property investors, landlords, second home owners, those developing properties and those working within taxing and law.
6. Multiple Streams of Property Income
Multiple Streams of Property Income literally guides you through ways to ensure an earning in a quick yet accurate amount of time. Through reading this book, it will allow you to utilise your time, to ensure money is made through efficient and stress free methods. The book depicts methods to increase income through techniques to invest your money and time, and what cons should be avoided. Rob Moore allows investors to eliminate misconceptions and worries in order to go fourth and cash in on the property market.
7. The Investors’ Guide to the United Kingdom 2017
Jonathan Reuvid has compiled the ninth edition of The Investors’ Guide to the United Kingdom, allowing a crucial guide to those investing within the UK, in this property environment. This book outlines laws and business regulation that would have an effect on investors. It encompasses the post Brexit climate, reflecting on the influence it has on those looking to invest in property within the UK. This guide is targeted largely at foreign businesses, from small to large, giving an in depth insight into an abundance of issues, such as laws regarding property and taxation. Feature Image: Shutterstock/Lanu U

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