London Office Market Review 2015

Posted on 4th January 2016 by Darren Best

2015 was a huge year; David Cameron won his second term in Parliament, Princess Charlotte was born and the UK’s housing market exploded as typical house prices soared above £300,000. In London and with the commercial property market this was no different, in 2015 the market peaked to new inflation-busting highs with both rents and costs. But what does this mean for tenants and prospective buyers?

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Legal considerations when moving your business

Posted on 22nd December 2015 by Darren Best

When moving premises, there are a lot of important considerations to juggle. You may require the assistance of commercial estate agents London and office space London. But mistakes can be monumental and costly, both in time and finances. It is important therefore to get everything right the first time. Directing a business move can be one of the most stressful undertakings in a managing director’s life.

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Should you rent or buy office space?

Posted on 15th December 2015 by Darren Best

Whether you’re looking to expand your business or just re-locate to an area synonymous with your industry, looking for new office space can be a tricky business. From practicalities such as the daily commute to trivial matters such as where nearby does a good lunchtime meal deal, there’s a seemingly never ending list of things to consider.

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Surge in rental values is changing business rates

Posted on 15th December 2015 by Darren Best

Business rates in the UK are based upon what a property was worth back in April 2010. Since then there has been a huge surge in rental values is areas such as Shoreditch, London Bridge, Southwark, Waterloo, Camden, Kentish Town and other fringe areas. In 2010 rents in these areas ranged from £15-£20 per square foot in Shoreditch up to a maximum of around £45 psf.

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